Ignite Student Discovery

Students are the heart of The NMSU system.

Regardless of which campus they attend, our students are at the core of NMSU’s mission and form the soul of its future.
Discovery may begin for students on our campuses but must extend out into the world.

Ignite Student Discovery

Students are the heart of NMSU. Regardless of which campus they attend, our students are at the core of NMSU’s mission and form the soul of its future. Yet, many students in the NMSU system, which is both a minority-majority institution and New Mexico’s land-grant university, face a challenging climb to their degree—not because they lack the ambition or academic skills, but because they face financial challenges.

No matter which campus they attend, most NMSU students work to make ends meet. They work to pay tuition and living expenses, all while keeping up with their classwork. Too many NMSU students make significant progress toward a degree, only to find that they lack the funding to complete it.

College is more than academic classes. Students need an environment that is conducive to formal learning yet fosters exploration and discovery through extracurricular activities.

Discovery may begin for students on our campuses but must extend out into the world. Scholarship support provides students with the opportunity and encouragement to reach out and become engaged in research, travel, community service and engagement that expands their academic and professional horizons.

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$34.80 Million


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The Student Foundation

The NMSU Student Foundation strives to support the mission and purpose of the NMSU Foundation by providing a student perspective on giving, promoting awareness of the ways private gifts impact student life, and establishing a culture of philanthropy that enhances the future of the New Mexico State University system.

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Make A Statement

Make a STATEment is the official crowdfunding platform of NMSU, featuring opportunities to support a range of NMSU’s unique and diverse research projects, student initiatives, and campus activities.

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Spark the Flames of Opportunity

The NMSU system aspires to offer opportunities to students who have earned them, regardless of their means. NMSU is also the best place to nurture the best students from across the state. The key to both of these aspirations is scholarships, and helping deserving students and attracting high achievers is limited only by the scholarship funding we can make available.

The scholarships NMSU offers (and could offer) reflect the passion of our donors to help different types of students by defining scholarship goals and recipient requirements. Current use scholarships fill an immediate need. Endowed scholarships provide needed funds forever. Whether endowed or current use, scholarships augment student resources and honor many types of students: high achievers, military veterans, underrepresented populations, and others. Imagine if at the end of this comprehensive campaign, NMSU could offer incoming, current and returning students new scholarships totaling $2 million each year, the effects would be truly transformational.

In-state, full-time tuition, books and fees at NMSU's 4-year Las Cruces campus approach $10,000 per year. Housing adds approximately $10,000, bringing the total in-state cost for an academic year to nearly $20,000. For out-of-state students, the cost tops $34,000.

An influx of $2 million in new scholarship funds each year would cover half of the tuition, fees and book costs for more than 400 new in-state students. Or it would provide a thousand new $2,000 scholarships across all the NMSU campuses. That amount, $2,000, is often the difference between a student staying in school or quitting. Gifts to scholarship funds allow financially vulnerable students to stay in school and finish their degrees, and make a world-class NMSU education available to many whose financial situations mean they cannot currently consider attending. According to the U.S. Department of Education, one-third of students who don’t earn a degree leave college due to financial considerations.

Top performing students from across New Mexico are eligible for President’s Associates Scholarships, which pay full tuition, fees and books and provide a stipend each semester for up to four years. Currently, the endowed and current use funds that feed PA Scholarships generate about half of what is required for the awards each year. President’s Associates Scholarships attract the best and brightest to NMSU and support for them ensures that what NMSU offers remains competitive with what other universities offer.

These exciting possibilities are why one of the goals of the comprehensive campaign is the creation of $50 million in new scholarship endowments. This would provide $2 million each year in perpetuity in new, game-changing scholarships—a true transformation!

Light Up Campus Life

NMSU becomes a student’s new home, a community in which crucial connections, realizations, and memories are formed that will serve as a lifelong guide.

The campuses of NMSU—Las Cruces, DACC, Grants, Alamogordo and Carlsbad—nurture learning, dreaming, and achieving. The classrooms, laboratories, libraries, are important, but so are the sports fields, the Horseshoe, and picnic tables, and green areas scattered throughout the grounds to provide space for activities, group meetings, sports, clubs, Greek life, exercising and just enjoying the outdoors.

Our university system needs critical infrastructure improvements and additions. We also want to establish residential learning communities. FYRE—the First Year Residential Experience, which will require first-time full-time undergraduates to live in a university-operated residence hall their first two semesters. Research shows that when new students live on campus, good things happen, including better academic performance, stronger bonds with faculty and other students, increased extracurricular participation and more fully developed communication skills.

Outdoor life matters at NMSU, too—our students like to be outside in southern New Mexico’s beautiful climate. Because of this, another key project of this campaign is the McFie Circle Mall expansion, which will create new bicycle and pedestrian lanes as well as natural landscaping, adding to the desirability of NMSU campus life and the appeal of being outdoors for students.

Energize Community Engagement

As important as it is for the campus itself to provide a safe place for students to grow and thrive, it is equally important for the university to launch them out into the world, where they will bring to bear the fruits of their NMSU education.
To see the inner workings of a thriving corporation, to experience life in a foreign country, to help people in need—these are life-changing experiences.

Thus, another crucial aspect of student life that the comprehensive campaign will address is student involvement in the greater community and the broader world. Many more students could participate with additional funding:

  • Both graduate and undergraduate students at NMSU conduct research, either under the individual mentorship of a faculty member or as part of a larger faculty research team. The Discovery Scholars program, for example, funds student research costs as well as providing faculty funding.
  • The Office of Education Abroad, along with each college, fosters student learning outside the United States through residencies and faculty-led classes.
  • NMSU students learn the importance of giving back through student groups, including the NMSU Student Foundation, and service projects such as The Big Event and Keep State Great.
  • Internships and co-ops bridge the gap between undergraduate education and real-world experience, especially for students in technical fields such as health, engineering and agriculture.