Ignite Aggie Discovery

The Campaign for the New Mexico State University System

The NMSU system is a springboard into business, engineering, teaching, agriculture, the health professions, the sciences, and the arts, and illustrates, by its very existence as a land grant institution, upward mobility.

We rank in the top one-fifth of all selective public colleges in moving students from the lowest income tier to the middle, and among the best in the nation at moving people from the bottom tier to the very top!

The NMSU system ignites in our students a passion to discover and learn, then uses that flame to illuminate the pathways to success in the world.

This ability to ignite students and the surrounding community and state is possible in large part because of the support of you, the people who know and love the NMSU system—our Aggie family:

  • our alumni
  • the families of our students
  • our collaborators and partners in the community
  • our faculty, staff and administrators
  • the businesses and organizations that recruit our graduates and partner with our researchers
  • the foundations that share our mission and utilize NMSU’s reach and impact

Your support has made college degrees possible for thousands of students who otherwise would not have had access to higher education. Your support ensures cutting edge research in our laboratories, and interactive programs that enrich and educate and enlighten individuals and communities through outreach across the state.

But the world is not standing still. We are well into a new century, with new challenges, new responsibilities, and new and exciting horizons upon which to set our sights.

We launch this $125 million comprehensive campaign to ensure that the NMSU system and the Aggie community continue igniting discovery and illuminating pathways to success for all of its students, faculty and the many other citizens of New Mexico and the Southwest who have benefited and will continue to benefit from NMSU’s impact at the individual, community, regional and state levels.

Ignite Student Discovery

Students are the heart of NMSU. Regardless of which campus they attend, our students are at the core of NMSU’s mission and form the soul of its future. Discovery may begin for students on our campuses but must extend out into the world.

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Ignite Faculty Achievement

If students are the heart of NMSU’s mission, then faculty are the inspiration that make it beat faster. They stoke the passion for learning, provoke discovery, induce epiphanies, and ultimately lead students to map their individual pathways to success.

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Ignite NMSU Achievement

The NMSU system has an unwavering working relationship with stakeholders across the state, from the agricultural community, to businesses, to social and cultural organizations, to schools, health care providers and educators.

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Ignite the Future of the NMSU system!

There are far too many exciting events and projects happening across the campuses of NMSU to list them all—but this is a time of great challenges, too. Technological innovation, development in manufacturing and agriculture, new markets in communication and energy, while daunting, provide incredible opportunities for research, education and business development at NMSU and across New Mexico.

Great challenges and opportunities require new ways of thinking, of teaching, of researching. In other words, new ways of discovering. And great success lies only down that path of discovery and innovation.

This comprehensive campaign, the largest cash campaign in NMSU history, is a way of informing you, our NMSU family, about what is happening here on our campuses, and asking you – challenging you – to come aboard and help ignite the future for Aggies everywhere.

The heat is rising on Aggie accomplishment, discovery, entrepreneurship, scholarship, and achievement in the arts, sciences and business.

Wherever your interests lie, in whichever college or campus or organization, and whether you can consider a transformational gift or contribute to existing endowments or funds in the areas you care about most, we ask that you consider joining us now…when it matters most.

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