Ignite Faculty Achievement

If students are the heart of NMSU’s mission,
then faculty are the inspiration that make it beat faster.

They stoke the passion for learning, provoke discovery, induce epiphanies, and ultimately
lead students to map their individual pathways to success.

Ignite Faculty Achievement

If students are the heart of NMSU’s mission, then faculty are the inspiration that make it beat faster. They stoke the passion for learning, provoke discovery, induce epiphanies, and ultimately lead students to map their individual pathways to success.

The demands on those who teach in the NMSU system are many. In addition to being educators and mentors, NMSU faculty are involved in ground-breaking research, widely recognized works of art and performance, outreach programs that disperse critical information to the broader New Mexico community, and entrepreneurial projects involving industry and the community.

Crimson Colleagues

Crimson Colleagues

When our faculty and staff members donate to the NMSU system, they become a Crimson Colleague. Faculty and staff have a unique opportunity to give back directly to the place where they work and support the programs they love.

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We raised

$55.60 Million


Spark Research

Many crucial research projects are underway at NMSU, from searching for alternative sources of energy and new agricultural plant species to feed people in arid climates, to ways of protecting and cleansing our water supply.

Much of the research funding at NMSU comes from government or private grants, but these don’t cover all of the costs. One of the NMSU system's campaign goals is to expand direct research funding, removing research limitations, attracting quality faculty members, and providing more opportunities for students to engage in undergraduate research.

An equally important aspect to attracting top-notch faculty is the number of endowed chairs, professorships and fellowships at the university. NMSU currently has 26 endowed chairs, 38 endowed professorships and 15 endowed fellowships.

The establishment of endowed chairs and professorships (which fund faculty) and fellowships (which fund graduate students) has a direct effect on how much government and private research funding is awarded to the university. Endowed chairs, professorships and fellowships attract top-notch faculty and graduate students. Better faculty attract more outside research funding and talented students—who want to be affiliated with high-quality faculty with abundant working resources. Professors, in turn, need talented graduate students, who contribute directly to research and accelerate results.

With a transformational gift, a donor can establish a named position that supports faculty endeavors consistent with the donor’s interests. An endowment for a new chair is $1 million, and a named professorship is $250,000. Proceeds from these are used not only augment faculty salaries, but to attract both new permanent and visiting faculty, who add depth and freshness to departments. Endowed graduate student fellowships are $100,000, and attract the best students from across the country.

As with scholarship endowments, endowments for chairs, professorships and fellowships exist in perpetuity, with an untouched corpus of funds generating interest each year that funds the position.

Key areas for programmatic research are:

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy Sustainability
  • Water Resources & Research

Incite Inspiration

The people who teach in the NMSU system all pursued higher degrees and years of training not only to pursue the research or artistic or entrepreneurial activities that drive them, but also to teach. And to each of them, teaching also means inspiring. In the long run, it is perhaps the most important function of professors at NMSU.

They are exceptionally good at it. From mentoring a documentary filmmaking class in Ireland, to building gardens that teach NMSU students how to teach younger children about food, to smashing industrial concrete formations to demonstrate the limits of stress loads, professors in the NMSU system are involved in their students’ lives in profound ways. On top of teaching and research, many attend conferences, forums and symposia around the world to improve their curricula and remain current in their fields. The extent to which NMSU professors can lead these kinds of endeavors is limited only by the amount of available funding.

Of course, there are other ways to inspire. Naming opportunities for buildings, rooms, labs and other campus space also excite and inspire students and faculty.

Electrify Entrepreneurship

Economic development is a key part of the NMSU land-grant mission, one that extends far beyond teaching and research and other on-campus activities. NMSU fosters a culture of entrepreneurship both on its campuses around the state and throughout the Borderplex, through partnerships, advising, corporate research and the activities of the Arrowhead Center, the regional source for technical innovation and interaction with business and industry.

Arrowhead attracts outside corporate and industry investment, such as the new Hunt Center for Entrepreneurship, funded by the Hunt Family Foundation to allow the synergies of entrepreneurs, faculty members, and students to cross-pollinate, creating opportunities, connections and progress. Continued funding will keep this regional economic engine moving. Transformational naming and other opportunities are available.

Arrowhead serves as an important driver of economic development in New Mexico and the region by:

  • nurturing aspiring student entrepreneurs through Studio G for NMSU students and Innoventure for K-12 students
  • helping small businesses to start and grow
  • acting as a technology incubator
  • assisting in the pioneering of new technologies and their transfer from the lab to the marketplace.
  • providing links between NMSU faculty and industry

Through the Arrowhead Center, the Aggie community at NMSU is boldly moving into the new century.